Sunday, January 19, 2014

Reddit Writings: Established Universe Editon

Some reddit writing prompts  occasionally start with letters EU. This means that the question will be based in an already created world and the answer should take place in that world as well. I am hesitant when it comes to things that sound too much like fan-fiction on any level, but sometimes it's hard not to pass up an interesting idea with already established characters. So here are two EU questions and my answers.

The Predator arrives on Earth to find a hunt, and gets more than he bargained for... [prompt submitted by ForeverAloneExplorer]

Batista stood up from his crouch, whistled and placed his hat back on. The drop, drop, drop of blood was constant, eventually it would run out, but the pattern...

"Christ, is this city ever going to catch a break?" Batista, grabbed and sipped his coffee. 

"Well, we've ID'd the corpses." Deb made a motion to the three skinless bodies hanging upside down, tied to the basketball hoop with missing laces. The red, glistening corpses swayed almost imperceptibly. Miami heat was cooking the exposed muscles and nerves and the amount of bugs was staggering. They'd have to be cut down soon. 

"Geoffrey Ortega, Paul Raddisson and Nicki "The Shark" Alvarez." Deb continued, holding a hand to her mouth and nose. Small time hoods. I'd heard of Nicki before. Two suspected murder cases that he managed to get off of. He had done them, killed that old man and the woman. He was next on my list, but someone...something, beat me to him.

"Christ, Dexter, close your mouth before the flies get in there." Masuka nudged me and broke me from my thought. 

"Right. It looks like the victims were skinned with some sort of hunting knife. Done expertly. They were probably still screaming when the knife slid-" I began, but Deb choked, stopping me. 

"I'll wait for the report, Dex, but I need to get some air." Deb left and after a shrug Masuka followed. Batista sidled up close to me.

"What kind of monster would do this, Dex? Sure these punks may have had it coming but..." He wiped sweat away from his brow.

I know exactly what kind of monster would do this. My new friend. I tried not to smile, but the edges of my lips turned up anyway. A whole new game had begun and it was going to be out of this world.

*** Travel to a strange, new Gotham after the jump! ***