Monday, February 3, 2014

Reddit Writings: Old Gods and Dying Stars

Have a bunch of writings I'll be throwing on here soon! Also, the game I've been working on for 2 1/2 years is out! Check out Octodad here!

The old gods have abandoned us but demand worship. A new pantheon ascends, representing present day mortals. [prompt submitted by InvokingTheAncients]

Ashley lit a small candle before she rolled her makeup kit out. With each application of a powder, cream or glitter she thanked the Beautiful One. When she was done she blew the candle out and kissed the statue of the androgynous idol.

In a corporate meeting room a CEO places one thousand dollars in a dish. The CFO lights the stack on fire. Members of the board take out their cellphones and scream "BUY!" and "SELL!" at the top of their lungs while the green paper burns. With any help, The Powerbroker will bless their 3rd Quarter earnings. 

Inside a small barn in Kansas a mother shows her son how to slit the throat of a calf so it feels no pain. The two drag it through the fields, blessing the seedlings in the ground and invoking The Harvester.

Carlo places the gun against his heart. Outside, in the blasted ruins of a city with a name he couldn't pronounce, a battle rages. The sound of an Abrams treads encourages him to pull the trigger. The gun doesn't fire and he knows he is blessed by the Warrior, and will not die today.

*** The stars begin to fade after the jump ***