Monday, November 11, 2013

Reddit Writings

Due to my crazy hectic schedule writing can be get hard. Just writing small things can be hard. Then I discovered Reddit's writing prompt subreddit! There users put up a short prompt or ask for flash fiction and the other users respond. Real simple. I've been writing some responses and I thought I'd throw them up here.

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An incredibly intelligent person is trying to tell someone something important, but is losing their extensive vocabulary. Fast.

     The letter sat on the table. A glass paperweight held it down against a breeze from the open window next to the desk. Andrew picked it up.

      We were doing great things, Andrew. Through our extensive research we'd found a remedy to not only Alzheimer's but a variety of other memory degenerative diseases that came with age. We would've been heroes, Andrew, but we fucked up.

      I don't kno how the it escaped the lab. The cure was less of a pill more of a virus. The literl fountain of young youth. The problem was that it regrass it made you younger too fast. The body stays normal, but the brain begins to dwindle

     I am sory Andy. we just wanted to be nice. we just want to fix the wurld.

     im so scared i

     Andrew put down the note and sat in the chair. He knew there was writing on the paper, but he'd forgotten how to read. Mom read to him, but that was usually at night, right before bed. It was still day.

     Andy began to cry.

Check out two more after the jump!

Two childhood friends find themselves on opposing ends of an armed conflict. Write their last interaction.
     The blade slipped through his ribs. Geoff spun away, but the damage was done. He fell to a knee and looked up at Dornus, his large frame shadowed by the light from the window behind him.

      "This is it, then, huh? A little dagger? I figured you'd use those stupid hands of yours to pulp my skull, but a dagger?" Geoff spat blood. His side was tingling.

      "I don't know much, Geoff, but I've traveled with you long enough to know what spells you've woven over your body. My fists wouldn't hurt you, but that dagger is coated in the ink of a teeth-bird. Slides pasts wards like a hot knife through butter." Dornus took a step closer and eyed the smaller man in his gaudy robes and tiny trinkets. It wouldn't be long now, not with the way the dice were being cast.

     "Why? Why have you done this, you oaf? We've seen the crystal steppes and slew the chromatic eye." The tingling began to spread, working needle like fingers up his back and legs. "Why have you killed me?"

     "You didn't share the loot for the past, like, three adventures. Maybe I wanted the ring of fire 2!" Dornus pouted like a child.

     "Seriously?!" Fred the DM and Dominick, Geoff's player, yelled across the dinner table.

     "You're killing my character because he didn't give you a ring?!"

     "And the boots of levitation. Plus, you totally got the glory for killing the bandersnatch queen when I did all the heavy lifting!" Chad, Dornus' player, shot back.

     "You're such a child, Chad" Fred said, scooping up his dice and closing his DM screen.

A woman finds the tree of life, but not in time to save the one she loves.

     Kendra's shovel bit the dirt with a thick shump. It had taken her several hours, and she had to keep moving around roots, but the grave was finally deep enough.

    With dirty hands she wiped the sweat from her brow and heaved herself from the wound she had made in the earth. The car was parked nearby. The walk to it felt like it took years. Despite the chill autumn air, Kendra felt warm. Maybe it was the idea of what she was doing.

     The beeping alert of an open car door sang as she moved her arms beneath Tia's body. She had lost so much weight. The cancer had devoured her, carving her out from the inside. She was as light as the fall leaves around her.

     Tia's grey blanket trailed a bit on the ground as Kendra moved toward the hole at the base of the tree. In a world of oranges, reds and browns the tree's green leaves seemed to shine in the afternoon light. Kendra slid into the hole with Tia.

     She considered not coming out. Just laying their, with her daughter, and dying in the cold next to her, but Tia wouldn't want that. Kendra placed a light kiss over the sheet on her daughter's head and then climbed out again.

    She shoveled the rest of the day.

    The tree of life drew strength from the ground. Kendra hoped the next person who found it did so in better time then she had.

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